Questions and Answers

The Friends of St. Agatha has put together the following Q&A in order to answer the most common questions it receives regarding FSA.

The Friends of St. Agatha
A Trust in Support of St. Agatha School

Q & A

What is the Friends of St. Agatha?
Established in 1981, the Friends of St. Agatha (FSA) was founded to help ensure the viability of St. Agatha School by providing sustaining contributions to offset the increased costs of providing a quality Catholic education. It is supported by the financial contributions of parishioners, school parents, grandparents, alumni and others dedicated to the preservation and development of St. Agatha School.

Why is it necessary to have such an organization?
In a nutshell, St. Agatha School would have been closed long ago if we had not developed long-term support through FSA.

What does FSA want from me?
You are being asked to regularly contribute to the Friends of St. Agatha. It is anticipated that the average family will be able to pledge $20.00 per month to FSA. Some, of course, will do substantially more according to their circumstances.

How should I determine what pledge I should make to FSA?
Your commitment is strictly a matter of conscience. Only you can determine what will truly amount to a sacrifice.

What will happen to the money received by FSA?
It will be used exclusively for the support of the school. A separate FSA account has been established and the school will receive every cent contributed to FSA.

I am already giving to the church regularly. How will FSA effect that?
FSA has nothing to do with church support and is not intended to take its place. School funds generated through FSA, however, will greatly diminish financial demands on general parish assets.

I have no children in St. Agatha School. Why should I be interested in FSA?
Most FSA contributors have no children in the school and may have never had any prior St. Agatha ties. The purpose of FSA is to preserve and develop Catholic teaching in this community. This has nothing to do with who may or may not be attending St. Agatha School.

Are my contributions to FSA tax deductible?
Absolutely. Every cent.

What if I commit to regularly contribute to FSA and then for some reason wish to stop giving?
Your commitment to FSA is not a legal obligation. You may withdraw support for FSA at any time.

Will contributing to FSA keep the school’s doors open? Does it really work?
It has worked for the past 30 years. Since its inception in 1981, FSA has provided over one million dollars to the school. The school would have closed long ago without that assistance.

Did You Know?

St. Agatha Parish is not the only one celebrating an anniversary this year. The Friends of St. Agatha is celebrating it's 30th anniversary, as well. Since it was established in 1981, FSA has distributed over $1 million to St. Agatha School.